Dhanteras Pooja – 2022

Lakshmi Pooja / Chaupada Poojan / Lakshmi Havan

22nd.OCT.2022 --> All Dhanteras Pooja booking should be allowed to be booked only on this date

Namaskaram All

Mahalaya Paksha is the time period for expressing our thanks and honor our parents and others who have departed to the other world. Divine Mother is intensely and actively manifest at our planate due to the mystical nature of our Planate, all Pithrus (our ancestor’s subtle and causal bodies) congregate at our planet near your living place. During Amavasya Pithrus travel from Chandraloka to our level of consciousness in our world to receive our Poojas and reverence and doing Charitable acts such as sponsoring Poojas at our home will bring manifold benefits to our Pithrus and to us from their blessings.

Great benefits accrue to us when they are pleased. Since they are closer to our level of consciousness, they will grant us boons and immense blessings. These unique and miraculous blessings are more intensely granted at our homes.

The Shraddha ritual provides us with an excellent opportunity to repay our debts unto the Pithrus (ancestors). The Shraddha rites are necessary so that the journey of our ancestors, who have taken our utmost care, becomes comfortable and without any distress in their journey to Maha Vishnu Loka (Travel towards Lord Vishnu), and that they acquire sadgati (Momentum for moving to the next higher region).

Pitru Tharpanam can be done on any day of the year depending on the day one’s ancestors passed away but performing it during Mahalaya Paksha on Friday,   9th September 2022 to Sunday, September 25th  2022 (Kaarunya Tarpanam) is beneficial and is said to benefit all past ancestors.

Offerings of water & sesame seeds quench their spiritual hunger & thirst and in return for this, they shower a multitude of blessings on us. Also, the doors of Vaikuntam remain open for all Pitrus for 15 days in a year during Pitru-Paksha.

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